Offered by several markets.

CGL - Residential

Primary limits up to $1,000,000 Occurrence/ $2,000,000 Aggregate
$5,000 Medical Payment Coverage  -  Included
Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement
Excess or Umbrella limits up to $25,000,000
Minimum $1,000 deductible

CGL - Commercial

Primary limits up to $3,000,000 Occurrence/ $5,000,000 Aggregate
Per Project Aggregate
Excess or Umbrella limits up to $25,000,000
$5,000 Medical Payment Coverage
Additional Interests - Blanket Coverage when required by contract, written agreement, or written permit for ongoing operations
Primary and Noncontributory Wording - Applicable to additional insureds under CG 20 33
Waiver of Subrogation - Blanket Coverage included per prior written agreement

Coverage Extensions Available

Blanket Additional Insureds
Blanket Additional Insured with Completed Operations
Blanket Wavier of Subrogation
Blanket Primary and Non-Contributory
Per Project Aggregate


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Chicago Contractors Insurance

​​We have a proven track record and a solid reputation for saving our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars. Finding the best rates for general liability policies, workers compensation our experience makes us the leading choice for all of your construction, contractor insurance needs.

• Demolition Liability Insurance
• Demolition Contractors Insurance
• Roofing Liability Insurance
• Roofing Contractors Insurance
• Contractor's Liability Insurance
• Builder's Risk
• Casualty and Property
• General Worker’s Compensation
• Worker’s Compensation for Roofing Contractors
• Worker’s Compensation for Demolition Contractors
• Worker’s Compensation for Artisan Contractors​

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